CD3 Boat Cleaning Station Report

Geneva Lake WI,  August 13-August 20.



The CD3 will finish up its final stay at the Fontana municipal launch next Wednesday where it will be moved to the Williams Bay launch for the Labor Day weekend. There has been  a problem with the recoil spool for the tongs.  It can be pulled out and it returns, but it doesn’t lock in a placed when extended.  We have tried to make adjustment to the spool, but it appears to sill be failing. We will discuss with the manufacture.

Do to the low recorded use at the Lake Geneva location, we are exploring a new location closer to the launch.  The GLEA is sending a letter to the City Administrator asking if it could be located at the grass area just south of the launch between the road and the lake. This would be for the next round at Lake Geneva which is scheduled for September 8 – 22, 2021.  


As mentioned previously, there have been accounts of people vacuuming out their cars with the unit, but after recent discussion with the launch staff, they have not seen anyone do that this week. The launch staff have been encouraging boaters to use the unit and have received only compliments.

 The CD3 will be moved on Wednesday morning by the GLEA to the Williams Bay launch and will be positioned in the same spot that it was during the first rotation (on the east side of the launch by the boat prep area).  The trash can was removed from the as the CD3 is usually stationed within a reasonable distance of municipal trash receptacles which are maintained and cleaned more regularly.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the GLEA at 262-245-4532.


Geneva Lake Environmental Agency

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