CD3 Report August 20-27, 2021



The CD3 unit was moved by the GLEA on Wednesday, August 25 from the Fontana Municipal Launch to Williams Bay. It was stationed at the same location as previous, as that was deemed the most reasonable place to put the unit. The only problem with the location is that with the multiple pull out spots, only the boat closest to the unit can use it. There have been no additional issues with the unit since the move. Also, the Fontana launch staff did not see any more improper uses of the vacuum since last Friday (8/20).

The continuous problem is still the retractor cord on the tongs tool. When pulled out, it does not lock in place for easy use, but continually retracts into the unit. The manufacturer was contacted, and they sent a solution. It was tried but with no success. The problem with the retractor cord does not prohibit the use of the tool but makes it more of an inconvenience.

The CD3 unit will be stationed at Williams Bay through the Labor Day weekend, and will be moved to Lake Geneva on Wednesday, September 8th. It will be placed by the launch, instead of up in the parking area.

If you have any questions, please call the GLEA at (262) 245-4532.


Geneva Lake Environmental Agency

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