CD3 Report August 20-27, 2021



The CD3 boat cleaning station was located at Williams Bay for the full week.  Several days were hot with scattered storms predicted in late afternoon.  On a couple of day the intense thunderstorms did occur deterring boating activity at the launches.  


The retraction of the cleaning thongs is still not functioning correctly.  The brush cord was pinched and did not retrack but resolved by pulling on the cord to free it.  The seal around the door is still working as the inside of the unit was dry after some heavy rains.  The soft foam seal around the doors may need to be replace for next year as it is slowly breaking apart.

As we head into the last month of CD3 boat cleaning station use at the Geneva Lake municipal launches, the number of sessions at Williams Bay from the second round August 27-September 3 is less than the first  round, July 2-9, 2021.  It is uncertain why, but some causes may include weather, less boaters, and less interest.  A more in-depth assessment of the uses between stations and time of the year will be done at the end of the summer.

The unit will make its last move to Lake Geneva next Wednesday.  It will be in a different spot than it was at during the first rotation.  Hopefully the new location will be move available for use. 

If you have any questions, please call the GLEA at (262) 245-4532.


Geneva Lake Environmental Agency

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