CD3 Report August 6-13, 2021


The CD3 unit has been moved by the GLEA from Linn Pier to the Fontana municipal launch. There have been no reported issues with the machine since the move, only a problem with the tongs retractor cord that was discovered earlier in the week. The problem is the tongs do not lock in place once pulled out of the unit. A possible diagnosis is a switch on the retractor that allows the tool to be locked in place, or to be continuously retracting into the unit. We are investigating that as a possible solution. 

The next issue is not with the unit itself, but with users of the unit. It has been noted by the Fontana launch staff that they have witnessed people pulling their cars up to the CD3 and using the vacuum to clean out the interior of their cars. Signs will be made and placed on the unit to indicate that the CD3 is for boat and trailer use only.

Since the placement of the “Please Wrap Cords” signs on the CD3, every time the CD3 has been seen by a GLEA member, the air compressor, and vacuum hose has been neatly wrapped around the holding brackets.  The signs were placed on the unit to prevent the hoses from being damaged by laying on the ground, being run over, and, to maintain neatness of the unit.

The CD3 will be moved to the Williams Bay launch on August 25 and will remain there through the Labor Day weekend.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call (262)245-4532.


Geneva Lake Environmental Agency

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