CD3 Boat Cleaning Station  Report, Geneva Lake WI.

 July 23-30, 2021


The CD3 unit successfully completed its first rotation at four of the municipal launches around Geneva Lake, ending on Thursday July 29th. As mentioned last week, there has been little use of the unit while at Lake Geneva, simply because of the lack of useable spots that are available. No additional problems occurred with the unit this week, except for a reset error that was found on 7/30/2021.

The reset function is an electronic system reset that the unit sends out at 08:00am depending on the amount of regular use. If there are people using the system throughout the day, then the unit does not reset itself regularly. But, if there is little use, the unit sends out the reset to make sure each tool is still being recorded properly and each electrical tool counter is working.


This past week, it has been noticed that the unit has been sending out two resets for each tool at 08:00am and 08:02am. This is affecting the results that the CD3 records. For example, the total number of uses for the scrub brush was 15, this past week, the CD3 recorded 12 resets. Which means that the total number of uses of  the scrub brush this week was only 3. Similarly, the CD3 recorded 18 total uses for the plug wrench, but after looking at the reset data, the total number uses was only 6, because of the resets. There is uncertainty of why this is happening, and we will contact the company to find out more.

Throughout its first rotation around the lake, the CD3 started accumulating water on the interior of the unit. A foam/rubber seal has been placed along the top of the access panel door to prevent the water from entering the unit. Since the installation, there has been no water that has entered the CD3 even with the recent rainstorm.

The GLEA moved the CD3 to Linn Pier where it will be stationed until August 11th. Since its move to Linn Pier, a full inspection and cleaning of the unit has been performed by the GLEA, where all components are working properly. The inside was vacuumed out and the drum that contains all the vacuum fluid and debris was checked to make sure that it was not getting full. The trailer, tools, and components of the CD3 seem to be working at 100% efficiency.


If you have any questions or concerns, please call the GLEA at (262)245-4532.


Geneva Lake Environmental Agency

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