CD3 Boat Cleaning Station Report

Geneva Lake WI,  July 16-23, 2021



The CD3 unit has been stationed at the Lake Geneva boat prep area/parking lot for the past week and a half. The use has significantly decrease since its move from Williams Bay. From an average use of about 150 at Linn Pier, Fontana, and Williams Bay. The predicted total usage will be around 50 uses at Lake Geneva. This is most likely because of the placement of the unit, as well as the fewer people that use the Lake Geneva launch.

After reviewing the data for the times of the uses, the most popular times have slightly changed. The most popular times have expanded from a two-hour window to a three-hour window.  The morning times being between 8:30am-11:30am. As well as 4:30pm-7:30pm in the afternoon. The morning times can be explained as the fisherman coming off the lake, the other popular time can be explained as boaters, as well as other fisherman coming off the lake before the evening rush of people. Based on the data, there is not a lot of use of the CD3 unit after 8:00pm.

The possible reasons for not using the unit after 8pm is that there is nobody at the boat ramps to encourage the user to use the unit, to present an enforcement presence in making sure they clean their boats, as well as boat users wanting to get home after a long day on the lake.  

After the GLEA board meeting on 7/22/2021, the suggestion was brought up to place signs on the machine to encourage users to fully retract the tools. Signs were made and will be placed on the machine ASAP.

As mentioned at the meeting, the CD3 unit accumulates water on the interior after rainstorms. The door access panel will soon have a plastic seal placed on the inside to prevent water from accumulating. The other problem is the water that is entering the unit through the ventilation panel on the back side, to the right of the access door. Solutions are being discussed for trying to figure out how to fix the non-removable ventilation panel from letting water in.

The CD3 unit will return to Linn Pier on Wednesday July 28th where a thorough inspection, and cleaning will be performed by the GLEA to make sure that the unit is working at 100% efficiency.

If there are any questions or concerns, please call the GLEA at 262-245-4532.


Geneva Lake Environmental Agency

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