CD3 Boat CLeaning Station Report

July 2-9, 2021



The CD3 unit is currently stationed at the Williams Bay Launch where it will stay until July 14th.  It will then be moved to the Lake Geneva launch.

During the Fourth of July Weekend, the unit did experience some issues. The first being the retractor cord that would get stuck at a certain distance and not be able to be pulled out to its full useable length. After contacting the company, the fix was simple. The “broken” retractor was the cable that looped over itself on the spool, which disabled it to be pulled out. The problem was fixed, and the tool is working properly.

The second issue involved the air compressor. It was noticed by the boat launch workers that the air compressor would make a whining/whistling noise after being run for about 30 seconds. The noise was coming from the compressor, rather than the motor or air nozzle. The company was contacted about the issue, and they responded with a list of possible solutions and causes. They also said that this is the first complaint about the noise from any of their machines, so they did not know of a correct solution, only a list of possibilities.

The third issue involved the inside of the unit becoming wet from any precipitation. The water runs down the side of the machine, collects on the lip of the access panels and trickles to the inside of the unit. A plastic gasket will be placed around the access panel to create a watertight seal and preventing a possible electrical shortage or issue.

The CD3 unit will be moved Wednesday July 14, 2021, from Williams Bay to Lake Geneva, where it will stay until July 28. After the first rotation of all the launches, a total inspection of the unit will be performed by the GLEA to ensure that the unit is working at 100%.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call 262-245-4532.


Geneva Lake Environmental Agency

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