CD3 Boat Cleaning Station Report

June 19 - June, 25  2021



The CD3 boat cleaning unit was moved to the Fontana Launch, on June 17.  There have been no recorded problems or issues with the unit.


It was noticed that the unit keeps its data in (Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)), which is five hours ahead of Central Daylight Time (CDT). The unit automatically converts dates and times to CDT.  

The CD3 unit is scheduled to move to Williams Bay for two weeks on June 30.   It will then be moved to Lake Geneva.

We are still waiting for the replacement sensor for the vacuum tank.  A visual observation into the vacuum tank showed little liquid in the tank.  Otherwise, everything on the unit is working properly.

There have been higher spikes in the use of some of the tools, such as the tongs, scrub brush, and plug wrench. There may be some sort of tampering with the device as there are extremely high daily uses for tools that were not used in that quantity before.  We are investigating options for the unusual high use spikes.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call 262-245-4532.


Geneva Lake Environmental Agency


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