CD3 Boat Cleaning Station Report

June 25 – July 2,   2021

GLEA, 7/2/21


As of June 30th, the CD3 unit has finished up its time at Fontana, and has been moved to the Williams Bay launch, where it will remain until July 14th. The unit is placed on the east side of the lot, by the boat prep area. It is out of the way of boater backing in their trailers and is easily accessible for those who are leaving.

Some of the issues that we faced this week involved a broken cord that attaches the scrub brush to the unit, as well as the interior of the unit becoming wet after a recent rainstorm.

The cord that attaches the scrub brush to the unit was discovered broken on Tuesday the 29th. The loop that attaches to the brush had been pulled out of the crimp by someone the previous day. Spare parts that came with the unit allowed for the brush to be re attached on site.


While repairing the cord, it was then discovered that the interior of the unit was wet. The rainwater enters the interior by the access panel on the back side. There is no rubber gasket that is around the door to form a watertight seal. The rain hits the unit and runs down the side until it reaches the access panel and collects on the top lip of the door. It then drips down on the interior of the unit and collects at the bottom.

A problem could occur with the electronics on the interior getting wet, and possibly shorting out. Solutions to stopping this problem are being considered.

Below is this week’s data of the CD3 machine, there are considerably more uses at the Williams Bay launch compared to previous launches. Most likely due to the higher number of people who use the launch.

After the unit was move to Williams Bay, there have been no reported issues, and we will continue to monitor the problems and address them as they happen.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please call 262-245-4532.

Thanks,  Geneva Lake Environmental Agency

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