CD3 Boat Cleaning Station Report

June 9 -17,  2021


The CD3 boat cleaning station was placed at Linn Pier from June 2, 2021, until June 17, 2021. It was then moved to the Fontana Launch where it was placed at the north side of the launch, off the road on the gravel area. This past week, with temperatures in the 90’s, it was a busy week for boaters, as well as a busy week for fishermen. During this busy week, the air compressor trigger seemed to have been broken. But after examination by the GLEA, it was determined that the end was simply clogged with some sort of debris. The debris was removed, and the unit was back in working order. The leaf spring crank was also repaired late last week, and the unit is now 100% mobile and functional again.

On the data side, it has been realized that there is an automatic reset that is built into the machine that goes off at 3:00AM every morning when the unit has not been used in several hours. This is to ensure that the electronics and Wi-Fi within the unit are working properly. For example, since the creation of this document, there have been 117 sessions (number of people that have used the machine plus the reset) minus the 3 days that there was a reset documenting 114 uses.


Once again, the most popular time for tool usage is between 2:00pm and 8:00pm.


It is recommended that a set of keys be kept at the launch with the CD3 unit in case there is a problem and the unit need to be moved or there is a need to access the unit’s inside.

The unit has a hitch lock and two door locks to protect the items inside. A toolbox with some basic tools,  extra pins, wrenches, a hammer, straps, and the solar panel cover.

The CD3 has been moved to Fontana, as of 6/17/2021, where it will remain for the next two weeks. After that, it will be moved to Williams Bay, and finally Lake Geneva. It will then start the cycle over and regain its place at Linn Pier.


It appears that the City of Lake Geneva wants a Shared Services Agreement (SSA) with the GLEA for the unit to be transported by and places at the City’s launch.  If an SSA is needed, it should be with the unit’s owner and not the party responsible for its operation and maintenance.  


If you have any concerns or questions, please call 262-245-4532.




Geneva Lake Environmental Agency

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