CD3 Report,  September 3 -  10, 2021


The CD3 boat cleaning station is approaching its final week of use on Geneva Lake.  It is anticipated the unit will be taking off-line and put into winter storage  sometime during the week of September 19, 2021.  It is expected to be used again next summer at the municipal launches.


Before it is stored, a complete check of the unit and its components should be done.  The vacuum tank should be pumped dry.  The shut-down and storage procedures as described in section 4.7 of the owner’s manual and the maintenance check list should be followed. 


We are still having a problem with the retract mechanism of the tongs. It is not returning the cord into the spool when pulled out.  All other tools are working. 

A recent email from the manufacture has indicated that the sessions count, as obtained by the Wi-Fi download link, are not accurate and if anything, is conservative. If this is the case, previous sessions reports are inaccurate and should not to be taken too seriously.

The email also states that the other tools uses are recording and transmitting accurately.  We feel they also have some issues.  We ran some trials and they have not record well.


We were told that any tool activity at 0800 is a reset the unit conducts automatically.  We have noticed that regularly at 0802 there is also activity seen on various tools.  Not consistently, but enough to question if it is a use.  The use number in the last column is the same for any 0800 hr. and any 0802 hr. use. Thus we have removed tool use at both times.  

Below is a table from the use download on Tue, Sept 14, 2021.  Note the 0800 hr. and 0802 hr. recorded activity.  Also know that at 1305 (CDT or 1805 UTC), I was on site and activated each tool.  None of that activity was included in the use table.  These items need to be brought to the attention of the manufacturer.


Any question, give a call.

Ted Peters, GLEA

use table 091421.png
sessions 9-3 to 9-10.png