Geneva Lake Environmental Agency

The Geneva Lake Environmental Agency is determined to maintain Geneva Lake's resources by protecting, preserving and enhancing a desirable lake and watershed quality, through monitoring, protection and education. 


Thurs., June 16, 2022 at 6:30 p.m.

George Williams College Lowrey Hall Room 108


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Clean your boat for free!

Portable, solar-powered, and easy-to-use to allow you to clean you boat and help us to stop spreading aquatic invasive species

Brought to you by the Geneva Lake Association, the Water Alliance for the Protection of Geneva Lake, the Geneva Lake Conservancy, WI DNR grant and the Geneva Lake Environmental Agency.

Look for the CD3 boat cleaning station at your favorite Geneva Lake launch on the following dates.

We will be posting the weekly use reports on the CD3 station in the near future. 

Linn                            5/24/22 - 6/15/22

Fontana                     6/15/22 - 6/29/22

Williams Bay             6/29/22 - 7/13/22

Lake Geneva             7/13/22 - 7/27/22

Linn                            7/27/22 - 8/10/22

Fontana                     8/10/22 - 8/24/22

Williams Bay             8/24/22 - 9/7/22

Lake Geneva             9/7/22 - TBD

GLEA has started its weekly beach bacteria testing for the 2022 season. Samples are taken every week on Monday and results are listed below.


Click on to visit the Wisconsin Beach Health website that shows the bacteria test results for all of Geneva Lake's municipal beach test results. Enter Walworth for the county and then find the beach of interest and click on search. 


 Bacteria (E-Coli) Test Results,  Geneva Lake Municipal Beaches 

 Sample Date: Monday, May, 23 2021.   All results expressed as colonies/100 ml.


Lake Geneva Beach

West End                   SAFE

Swim Piers                SAFE

East End                     SAFE

Fontana Beach

North End                                13

Mid Beach                               20

South End                                44

Country Club Beach              3


Hillside Rd. Beach

Swim Area                1

Linn Pier Beach

Swim Area                <1


Williams Bay Beach

West End                                   3

Swim Pier                                   1

Creek/Lake                               <1

East End                                    <1


Advisor exceedance = >234 colonies/100 ml.

Closing exceedance = > 999 colonies/100 ml.   

Source; Wisconsin State Lab of Hygiene and GLEA 

Lake Geneva source is Genoa City WWT Plant and GLEA  



An aquatic plant  survey conducted at the lake's access sites did not find any new populations of starry stonewort at any launch sites as of the end of July.  Several new populations of starry stonewort were found in the general area of the the "deep water" site located to the east of Trinke.  Whether these sites are new or were missed last year is unknown. During the last week of July a six man dive team hand pulled starry stonewort from the "deep water" site and areas east were starry stonewort was identified as being present in the aquatic plant survey.  A small amount of starry stonewort was also pulled from just outside of the Trinke lagoon. 


The Dive Guys with an afternoon's worth of hand pulled starry stonewort.

Geneva Lake WI July 29, 2021 

Starry Stonewort Presentation

About The Geneva Lake Environmental Agency

The Geneva Lake Environmental Agency was formed in the early 1970's by a group of citizens concerned about Geneva Lake's future. The Agency was formed as a shared unit of the local governments of the Towns of Linn and Walworth, the Villages of Fontana and Williams Bay and the City of Lake Geneva.

Since 1975, the Agency has operated under a Uniform Resolution and By Laws signed by the sponsoring units of government. The resolution calls for the Agency to study the 5,262 acre Geneva Lake and its 13,045 acre watershed regarding its physical, chemical and biological characteristics, water quality, lake and land use; protective measures, recreation and resource related problems and to make recommendations to protect resources, improve living conditions and foster legislation to accomplish these recommendations. This program is implemented by one full time staff member and a college intern.

All too often, many of us take the quality of the lake and diversity of plant and animal life for granted. We seem to expect a healthy and diverse lake, clean and plentiful water to view, swim, fish, and boat in. A healthy Geneva Lake also increases tourism and property values, and is good for the local economy.

Not only is it critical to protect the lake today, but it is important to protect it so we can pass it down to future generations. If we do not take steps to ensure that the Geneva Lake's water quality remains suitable for these purposes, the excellent water quality we take for granted may vanish. The Agency is determined to maintain Geneva Lake's resources by protecting, preserving, and enhancing desirable lake and watershed quality.

The most important thing one can do is to 


  • Learn about how your daily routines affect Geneva Lake by obtaining a copy of the Geneva Lake Book. Realize that we are part of the problem and an integral part of the solution.

  • Encourage your family, neighbors, community, civic groups, and governments to protect water quality.

  • Contact the Agency or other water quality advocates who have the technical ability to help us help ourselves.

  • Do not take water quality for granted. Realize that water quality is strongly related to your enjoyment of the lake, property values and an important legacy to leave for future generations.


Join our team! GLEA is looking for people to join our Clean Boats Clean Waters initiative and help keep our waters safe from Aquatic Invasive Species. This seasonal part-time position is flexible and rewarding. Use this link to apply and learn more:


Questions? Email us at

Geneva Lake Environmental Agency

Board of Directors and Staff 2021


LaMarr Lundberg                               Chairman

Jim Lovell                                             Vice Chairman


Patrick Kenny                                    Village of Fontana

Rick Pappas                                       Village of Fontana                           Citizen Rep.

Mary Jo Fesenmaier                       City of Lake Geneva

Terry O’Neill                                        City of Lake Geneva                        Citizen Rep.

Jim Weiss                                            Town of Linn

Boyd Whiting                                     Town of Linn                                       Citizen Rep.

Rob Umans                                         Village of Williams Bay

LaMarr Lundberg                              Village of Williams Bay                   Citizen Rep.

Jim Lovell             `                               Town of Walworth                           Citizen Rep.


Jacob Schmidt                                Executive Director

Aimee Townsend                            Administrative Assistant

Alyson Wisnionski                            Lake Manager Assist. / Intern

David Rasmussen                           Attorney

Jacob Lighnter                                 Clean Boats Clean Waters Inspector

Emma Coltman                               Clean Boats Clean Waters Inspector


Click on a location below to be directed to each community's web page: