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Geneva Lake Environmental Agency

The Geneva Lake Environmental Agency is determined to maintain Geneva Lake's resources by protecting, preserving and enhancing a desirable lake and watershed quality, through monitoring, protection and education. 

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We are thrilled to share the exciting news that GLEA has relocated to a new office!


Our new address is:

105 N Elkhorn Rd. Williams Bay, WI 53191


Our new office is conveniently situated right next to Dip in the Bay in Williams Bay. We are eager to make use of our upgraded educational spaces. Feel free to drop by as we are still settling into our new office.


We appreciate your patience during this transition. Thank you!

new place.jpg

GLEA has officially began its annual summer beach testing alongside the opening of public beaches on Memorial Day! Check in for weekly water quality reports on our social media platforms.



Nearshore Fisheries Survey

GLEA worked with retired DNR staff on conducting a Nearshore Fisheries Survey for the lake. This survey has been done 4 times on Geneva Lake, beginning in 1978 and the most recent one conducted in 2018.  The report not only describes current fish populations, but also compares them to previous surveys as well. 

A total of 18 sites were sampled to understand the nearshore fish population. Gar, darter species, bass, panfish (bluegill, sunfish, perch, rock bass), bullheads, and killifish, where among just some of the species found.  Read the full report below!

Aquatic Plant PI Survey

GLEA worked with Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission on our Annual Aquatic Plant PI Survey.


Through sampling a grid of points on the lake, we can document the overall plant diversity as well as locations of certain species. This survey also helps us monitor where starry stonewort is and how it spreads year to year. Look out for that report later this year!

Boat Count

GLEA conducted the annual boat count early August to assess boats docked and moored on Geneva Lake. Motorized boats, sailboats, personal watercraft, and non-motorized vessels, are all included. The GLEA spends a day on the water counting boats on the shore and collecting numbers from storage facilities and marinas. The "Data" tab has more information on comparative counts for past years. 

Follow the link below to read the 2023 Boat Count assessment!


Check out new boat cleaning stations at Williams Bay, Lake Geneva, and Fontana launches!

Brought to you by the Geneva Lake Environmental Agency, Villages of Williams Bay and Fontana, the City of Lake Geneva, and WI DNR grant.

CD3 Roadside
Waterless Cleaning System

CD3 Roadside.png

We encourage you to clean your boat when entering and exiting Geneva Lake to help us stop the spread of aquatic invasive species


Thank you to Ms. Garcia & Katrina, Elizabeth, Julia, and Chris for finding this excellent resource and sharing the importance of lake ecology!



We spent time at the starry stonewort colony site scuba diving to monitor populations. Starry stonewort is an invasive plant that was first seen in Geneva Lake in 2018. These plants are solely male and spread by releasing bulbils, that act as seeds, growing wherever they land. Movement such as hand-pulling is believed to actually stir up these seed-like bulbils and cause more damage by promoting spreading. Through routine dive checks on known population sites we are able to see how these plants are growing. While starry stonewort hasn't gone away, we haven't seen too much growth and believe our native species have been doing a good job at keeping this invasive plant at bay. 


Diving with Linn Fire Department


Underwater photos of aquatic plants at a starry stonewort colony site 



How to stay safe this summer

Swimmer's itch is caused by flatworm larvae that can unintentionally latch onto human skin when looking for a waterfowl host and cause irritation or itchiness. They like warm water at around 72°F. When your skin dries, the larvae will burrow into the skin and eventually die, but this typically results in some uncomfortable itchiness.

Don't scratch! Use an antihistamine lotion. Don't panic, swimmers itch is rarely serious and will pass in a couple days


Tel. 262-245-4532

PO Box 914

105 N Elkhorn Rd. 
Williams Bay, WI 53191

Our Office:

Located in the same building as Dip in the Bay, Ice Cream Shop. 

105 N Elkhorn Rd., Williams Bay, WI 53191

Hours: Monday - Friday: 8:30 AM - 5 PM

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