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Nearshore Fisheries Survey

GLEA worked with retired DNR staff on conducting a Nearshore Fisheries Survey for the lake. This survey has been done 4 times on Geneva Lake, beginning in 1978 and the most recent one conducted in 2018.  The report not only describes current fish populations, but also compares them to previous surveys as well. 

A total of 18 sites were sampled to understand the nearshore fish population. Gar, darter species, bass, panfish (bluegill, sunfish, perch, rock bass), bullheads, and killifish, where among just some of the species found.  Read the full report below

Aquatic Plant PI Survey

GLEA worked with Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission on our Annual Aquatic Plant PI Survey.


Through sampling a grid of points on the lake, we can document the overall plant species diversity as well as locations of certain species. This survey also helps us monitor where starry stonewort is and how it spreads year to year. Look out for that report later this summer!

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