The  Aquatic Invasive Starry Stonewort

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Starry stonewort plant and reproductive bulbil

The Geneva Lake Environmental Agency would like to thank all the Geneva Lake lovers that contributed to our starry stonewort management.  Although things are now a bit different than a year ago, managing invasive plants is still a priority for the Geneva Lake Environmental Agency.  Money raised through Go-Fund Me will be used for starry stonewort and aquatic invasive species control.  

Starry stonewort became a serious concern during the fall of 2018 when it was found in a lagoon located in the southeastern shore of Geneva Lake.  During the summer of 2019 two small patches of starry stonewort were found in the lake near the lagoon.  

The present starry stonewort management strategy on Geneva Lake is to contain and control the spread of starry stonewort to other locations within Geneva Lake. Major components of that management effort are:

                                  -   Eduction,  working with the Clean Boats Clean Waters program,

                                       boaters and lake user will be informed of the efforts they need                                             to take to help reduce the spread of aquatic invasive species.

                                  -   Monitoring, conducting lake-wide aquatic plant surveys  for                                                   quantitative and qualitative assessment of the aquatic plant                                               community. 

                                  -   Protection, maintaining a healthy lake plant community to                                                     protect against the establishment of non-native species. 

The GLEA will be conducting a modified point intersect (PI) aquatic plant survey during the summer of 2021.  The 2021 survey will be a sub PI survey focusing on access points to Geneva Lake, Trinke Lagoon and the lake area around Trinke Lagoon.  Education of boaters to clean their boats, trailer, bilges, bait buckets, live wells and anchors as they move between lakes as well as within Geneva Lake is vital in controlling the spread of aquatic invasive species.  A portable boat cleaning station will be available to move between the five public launch sites.   During the summer of 2021 the GLEA will staff the municipal launch sites with individuals trained in the Clean Boat Clean Waters program.,  They will work with boaters on understanding their obligation in reducing the spread of invasive species. 

It is illegal to leave a launch site with vegetation hanging on your vehicle, boat or trailer.  You will not be allowed to launch on Geneva Lake if you do not follow the required boat cleaning before you launch. See the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources web site (

for information on boat transportation and bait laws. 

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Update on Wisconsin's starry stonewort research.

For more information on Geneva Lake's starry stonewort management visit the link on this homepage to Current Information.