Our Mission
The Geneva Lake Environmental Agency is determined to maintain Geneva Lake's resources by protecting, preserving and enhancing a desirable lake and watershed quality.

Work Effort


  • Lake outlet sampling at the White River.

  • Weekly atmospheric monitoring,

  • Lake sampling, April, June, July, August, September, and November.

  • Weekly summer beach Sampling for E-coli bacteria

  • Annual Geneva Lake Boat count with Water Safety Patrol

  • Four year assessment of Zebra Mussel impacts on lake bottom.

  • Aquatic Plan survey.

  • Summer zebra mussel monitoring

  • Quarterly Lake Geneva seepage cell monitoring


Report, Plans and Publications:

  • A series of groundwater information sheets to include

    • Groundwater in the Geneva Lake area.

    • Hydrology in the Geneva lake area.

    • Groundwater, why it is important in the Geneva Lake area.

    • Testing your well, why, when and how.

    • Protecting the groundwater.

    • Five year Private Well testing program.

  • Cooperatively prepare a Lake Management Plan with WDNR, SEWRPC, and USGS, released May 2008.

  • A seven part series of Summary Information Sheet (SIS) on different aspects of Geneva Lake and its management.

  • A Fact Sheet on "Groundwater pumping Near Geneva Lake: Evaluating Its Effect on the Lake", by UW-Extension and Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey.

  • Quarterly newsletter, Geneva Waters.

  • Report on an E-coli bacteria study on Harris Creek, Williams Bay.

  • Annual Mailing 2,500 piece mailing, our major fund raiser.

  • Working with other lake groups and the Geneva Lake communities to prepare a guiding document for the uniform zoning and protection of shorelands around Geneva Lake.


Community Outreach and Education Effort:

  • Working with the Linn Sanitary District the Geneva Lake Environmental Agency will be implementing a Groundwater Information and Education program for residents and communities in the Geneva Lake area that will include the opportunity for residents to sample their private drinking water wells.

  • Ice-On contest

  • Continue to work with all the Geneva Lake communities in their Sanitary Waste Management efforts.

  • Update new web page with lake data and information.

  • Encourage and supply info on Rain Gardens and storm water management.

  • Sponsor college internship and high school job-shadowing

  • Presentation of Agency’s programs and reports to clubs, schools and communities.

  • Co-sponsor scholarships with the Environmental Education Foundation Inc. for area high school students to attend the Natural Resource Career Workshops at The Central Wisconsin Environmental Station.

  • Swimmer's Itch information and education


As a lake management agency, the Geneva Lake Environmental Agency may often be asked to review projects, developments and

ordinances within the Geneva Lake Watershed. We will review the project primarily from a sighting, storm water

management and construction site erosion control perspective and their impact upon Geneva Lake.


What we're up to:

  • Summer 2019:  A major priority for the summer of 2019 is to address the presence of starry stonewort through an attempt to eradicate it from  Geneva Lake.  A lake-wide aquatic plant survey will be conducted to identify the plant species present in Geneva Lake and to assure that no new invasive species have been established in any new locations. The Big Foot Beach Creek Watershed Study will be conducted in cooperation with Badger High School to  continue the efforts of the Phosphorus Initiative, an effort to reduce phosphorus loading to Geneva Lake. Lake, river, groundwater and the municipal beaches will continue to be monitored as in the past. 

  •  Summer 2018:  The Geneva Lake Environmental Agency is collecting water samples from five Geneva Lake beaches on a weekly basis throughout the summer as a means to help monitor and maintain the health of Geneva Lake. The Lake Geneva Regional News Paper publishes the E. coli test results from each sampling. Click here to view the 2018 Aquatic Plant Management Permit for the Geneva Lake Property Owners.

  • Summer 2017: The Geneva Lake Environmental Agency will be conducting several small studies including our on-going lake, White River and municipal beach sampling. For 2017 we will be installing groundwater monitoring wells in the Fontana Fen, assessing the impacts of chemical treatment on a small lake lagoon and the nearby lake and initiating a five year well testing program on drinking wells.

  • Summer 2016: The Geneva Lake Environmental Agency revisited its assessment of zebra mussels and their impact on the lake bottom community. For more information on the summer 2016 assessment ,click on “Current Lake Data” link and then click on Zebra Mussels on the left hand side of the page.

  •  Summer of 2015:  The Geneva Lake Environmental Agency conducted the most comprehensive aquatic plant survey ever conducted on Geneva Lake. Over 750 sites were sampled with the type and amount of plants recorded. For more info on the survey click on the “Current Lake Data” link at the top of the page and then click on “Aquatic Plant Survey’ on the left hand side of the page.