CD3 Boat Cleaning Station Report on the First Rotation Between the Municipal Launches, Geneva Lake WI.

June 2-July 29, 2021

Geneva Lake Environmental Agency

The CD3 unit has finished its first round of use with fourteen days at each of  four municipal launches on Geneva Lake. This report covers that use from June 2 – July 29, 2021 by looking at  the number of session each day at each site.  A session is identified as series of tool use within a specific time.  Based on the CD3 operating manual, a session groups tool usage to time.  A new session starts when there is a break in the use, and all tools are turned off and put back into position.

The total number of sessions recorded by the machine is 567 for the first rotation. With Linn Pier having 24% of the total number of uses. Fontana with 33% of the uses. Williams bay with 31%, and Lake Geneva with 12%. These numbers include tampering instances and may inflate use number.  It is difficult to identify an actual use from tampering. 

After compiling all the total uses that were recorded by the unit, including the daily resets, the total comes to 567.   After compensating for tampering numbers at the first two sites, and subtracting the daily resets, the total calculated number comes to 380 sessions. The data that was counted by the unit recorded each time the metal ring on the tools'  cord went past the sensor, whether it was a human use, or the tool getting bumped into. The data was then sorted through, and a calculated set of sessions was reported at each launch.

During the first rotation improvements have been made to the unit. The improvements include a trash can, tire chocks, waterproofing the access opening and safety cones.  

Problems encountered during the past two months,  include a broken bracket for the rear leaf spring, debris in the air compressor, a jammed air compressor nozzle, a broken scrub brush cord, water entering the unit from the access panel, and a jammed pull-out cord. All of which have either been fixed completely or have been fixed enough to continue to use. Some electronic issues have occurred which are explained below.

On a few dates, the CD3 unit recorded extremely high tool use.  It was suspected  this was either manipulation by a person, or weather related. After looking back at the wind data, each day where the CD3 unit recorded extremely high uses of a tool (i.e. tongs), it also happened to have wind consistently over 15 MPH.  It is possible that as the wind blew the tool around, the sensor moved around causing the counter to record the action as a use. 

The electronic counting system has been inconsistent all summer.  Some days it didn’t record a reset on the unit when there hasn’t been use for a long period time. The errors that have been occurring are still not fully understood by the manufacturer as we have contacted them multiple times about the issues.

Throughout the monitoring of the unit, the voltage of the CD3 unit has remained consistently between 23 to 27 volts and seems to recharge quickly (within a few hours).  For the units exterior lights, only eleven uses were counted during dark hours. There have been 86 counts of the lights being used, but most are the automatic resets, and people testing the buttons during the day.

The popular times of use for the CD3 unit are similar at all  launch.   The most popular times of use are from 8:30 am - 11:30 am, and from 4:30  pm - 7:30 pm. The only launch that did not follow these trends was Lake Geneva, as there were not enough uses of the unit to confirm these times.

Paired with the Clean Boats Clean Waters program, the CD3 boat cleaning station has made a positive impact on boaters with the hope that it has reduced the spread and increasing the control of aquatic invasive species into and out of Geneva Lake.  Both efforts are key to the success of any long-term aquatic invasive species management on Geneva Lake.


If you have any questions, please call (262)245-4532.

Thank you,

Geneva Lake Environmental Agency

% use round 1.png

                                           Recorded Uses per Community Launch Site, June 2- July 29, 2021. Source: GLEA

                                                                            Fontana                                                             189

                                                                            Williams Bay                                                     175

                                                                            Linn Pier                                                              136

                                                                            Lake Geneva                                                      67

                                                                                                                      Total                           567

% use 1st round corrected.png

*Calculated value does not include false uses or resets.

use comparison by site.png