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May 23 - July 27
mid-summer eval

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The CD3 unit has officially completed its first rotation around Geneva Lake at the 4 launches. We have reached 231 uses as of July 27th, 2022. Last year, as of July 29th, 2022, we had reached 380 uses; 149 more than we are at now. While uses are down from last year, we have seen repeat users, boaters asking where the unit went, or when it will be back. The education of the public is a good sign in the mission to stop the spread of AIS.


The unit was first put at Linn Pier where it stayed until the beginning of the rotation, because of this, the unit spent 4 weeks at Linn Pier compared to the 2 weeks at the other launches. When looking at the use per launch we cut Linn Pier’s use numbers in half to represent 2 weeks of use. The graph of distribution is below. Williams Bay had the highest amount of use (69 uses: 39%), then Linn Pier (54 uses: 31%), Fontana (36 uses: 20%), and finally Lake Geneva (18 uses: 10%) with the lowest amount of use. This is consistent with data from last year as Williams Bay (42%, 2021) had the highest percentage of use and Lake Geneva (10%, 2021) had the lowest, with similar distribution percentage numbers, as well. This most likely can be attributed to high launch volumes at Williams Bay and a poor location at Lake Geneva. We will keep this in mind when looking at locations for the second rotation.


The plug wrench was surprisingly the most common tool. It is becoming stripped, and we hope to get a replacement soon. The unit works great so far, and we haven’t had any issues so far. The tank volume is at 27% after starting the summer at 0%. We will keep monitoring levels

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